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About us

Pearl Technology AG, headquartered in Schlieren/Zurich, develops, produces and offers solutions for optimum placement, positioning and immobilization of patients. Our products are based on a unique, patented technology, which has been developed in cooperation with ETH Zurich and other renowned university clinics.

Our goal is to utilize the Pearltec Technology AG for the good of people, animals and industry while providing our customers with added value through outstanding quality and convincing application benefits.

Pearl Technology AG is ISO 13485 certified. This certification demonstrates that Pearl Technology meets the highest standards for quality management systems used in the design and manufacture of medical devices.


Besides standard products for the field of radiology, Pearl Technology offers the development and production of customized solutions for OEMs as well as solutions for researchers in various medical fields.

The patented technology originates from research related to rheumatoid arthritis with high resolution pqCT-Systems. Core advantages are the high degree of variability, an even pressure distribution and an individually adaptable immobilization.

Given this technology and design flexibility, easily adaptable and customer-oriented solutions can be developed.  These solutions will provide excellent added value & application advantages.

 We partner with you through the entire process, beginning with an initial assignment, to first ideas, prototypes and tests with end customers to a successfully marketable product. Various projects have been realized successfully by our R&D team in the field of radiology, radiotherapy, surgery and neonatology.

Reference Projects:

  • Positioning aids (Wrist, Elbow, Knee) for GE’s extremity scanner
  • Wrist positioning aid for Aspect Imaging
  • Head positioning aid for cochlear-implant-surgeries with the computer-operated system from CAScination respectively ARTORG Center for Biomedical Engineering Research
  • Head immobilization aid for neonates as a part of King’s College Human Brain Connectome Study
  • Respiratory Plate Cushion für CIVCO Radiotherapy

Core Competencies

Pearl Technology AG offers the following competencies:

  • Product and design flexibility: Development of adaptable, customer-oriented and marketable solutions
  • Project management know-how: Systematic realization from idea to a fully marketable product
  • Technology know-how: Engineering to create added value and application advantages

Educational partner

As a part of future radiology technicians’ educational program, Pearl Technology AG conducts workshops at Careum in Zurich and Medi Bern. During a hands-on session, students can gather first experiences in the placement, positioning and immobilization of patients and discuss various challenges, techniques and new approaches.

Pearl Technology AG supports the independent association of radiology technicians in Switzerland (SVMTRA) and makes an active contribution in representing the members’ interests.