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BabyFix Cocoon: Safe as a cocoon – Soft as a butterfly‘s wings

MRI scans for newborn babies are not an everyday occurrence and pose special challenges for everyone involved due to the difficulty of achieving safe and stable positioning. To meet the high demands of this procedure, the BabyFix Cocoon was developed in close collaboration with experts from the fields of neonatology, anesthesia and pediatric radiology.

The BabyFix Cocoon accomplishes Ideal conditions for a safe and careful examination procedure for newborn babies in the MRI scanner.


  • Increased sense of wellbeing for parents and child
    The slim design and the separate head and body fixation enable the mother to continue breastfeeding, thus facilitating close contact between her and the child during preparation for the scan. Careful, pressure-free positioning with soft, pleasant materials.
  • Optimized work flow
    Easy to use and intuitive enabling routine-based work in interdisciplinary teams.
  • Increased patient safety
    Permanent monitoring of vital functions through an integrated viewing window and simple routing and strain relief for monitoring cables via an in-built hose stopper.
  • Improved image quality
    Stable, stretched and centered positioning of the baby’s head and body possible without any problems, even in narrow coils.
  • Excellent hygiene
    High-quality materials can be cleaned easily and consistently until they are free of all residues, thereby facilitating reliable protection.

Simple and intuitive to use in just a few steps

Lay the newborn baby on the positioning aid.

Close the BabyFix Cocoon tightly.

Holding and breastfeeding is possible in the positioning aid.

Compatible with all common head coils.


In addition to the deployment of the BabyFix Cocoon for feed-and-sleep MRIs for newborn patients taking place under the responsibility of neonatologists, the anesthetists also repeatedly positioned sedated infants (with a body weight of up to approximately 5 kg) in the BabyFix Cocoon in order to test the practicality and (heat) insulation effect. In the cases I am aware of, the baby was positioned without any problems, sometimes with an additional neck role, with no vacuum being created in most cases. Neither cooling nor overheating occurred. All staff members found the BabyFix Cocoon helpful and practical.

University Children’s Hospital Basel

Technical data

Purpose: Positioning aid for the immobilization of newborns (2 to 5 kg) during MR imaging.

Compatibility: Compatible with various head coils.

Materials: TPU Foil, EPS Pearls

Labeling: CE, Non sterile, MR safe, Rx only

Packaging: 665 x 340 mm

Storage: Dry, room temperature.