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MULTIPAD Additions - An ideal addition for even more flexibility

Additions to the MULTIPAD product family ensure an optimal patient positioning, immobilization and fixation of the patients head or curved body parts durin MRI examinations, particularly those with a broad range of space constraints.


MULTIPAD Ear - An ideal addition for MRI scans without headphones

Thanks to its dimensions of 17 x 10 cm and variable thickness of 1-4 cm, the MULTIPAD Ear is perfect for immobilizing the patient’s head during MRI scans with a broad range of space constraints. Due to the recess in the center, the pressure is distributed equally around the ears onto the patient’s skull during use with in-ear headphones or earplugs, thus allowing comfortable yet stable fixation.

MULTIPAD Bendy - An ideal addition for even more flexibility

Due to its dimensions of 24 x 10 cm and variable thickness of 1-4 cm, the MULTIPAD Bendy is perfectly suited for a wide variety of joint examinations, particularly those involving flex coils. Thanks to its flexible shape, it can be fitted to the patient’s anatomy over a large area, thus guaranteeing comfortable yet stable fixation.


Fewer Motion Artifacts

Leads to improved image quality and therefore a reliable diagnosis. Leads to fewer repetitions and therefore saves time and costs.

User-friendly System Solution

Enables efficient, clear and straight forward handling, therefore reducing the large variety of different placement products.

Perfectly Hygienic

It is easy to clean, provides reliable protection and therefore fosters the safety and well being of the patient.

High Level of Patient Comfort

The pressurefree, adaptive immobilization increases patient comfort and therefore has a positive effect on the entire examination procedure.

Fields of applications

The MULTIPAD Ear is an addition to the MULTIPAD product family that saves space and is ideal for use with in-ear headphones or earplugs in narrow head coils. The centered recess prevents unpleasant pressure on the ears and stops the ear protectors from falling out or slipping out of position.

The addition of the MULTIPAD Bendy to the MULTIPAD product family ensures even more flexibility when immobilizing patients in head and extremity coils.


Since implementing the MULTIPAD Ear system to restrain subject’s head for neuroimaging studies in the 64ch head coil, a dramatic decrease in repeat scans and an overall improvement on the quality assurance metrics, such as tSNR, FD and DVARS was observed.Especially, as our research group studies many different clinical conditions including Parkinson’s, stroke and epilepsy utilizing diffusion, perfusion and BOLD based methods, projects demand that the subjects hold still during long exam times.

Todd Parrish, PhD
Director of Neuroimaging Research
Northwestern University

Since most of our positioning aids are angular or wedge-shaped, fitting them to the patient’s body shape is difficult for a large number of scans. The MULTIPAD Bendy bends flexibly, which enables us to “wrap it around” the patient’s extremities during knee and elbow examinations, for example. This makes our work easier and is much more comfortable for patients as it eliminates pressure points.

MRI Team Leader
Private radiology institute

Technical Data

Verwendungszweck: Universal Patient Positioning System for CT and MR Imaging

Kompatibilität: Compatible with various MRI coils and CT cradle.

Materialien: TPU foil, EPS pearls

Beschriftung: CE, Non sterile, MR safe, Rx only

Verpackungsgrösse: 400 mm x 280 mm x 60 mm

Lagerung: Dry, room temperature.