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MULTIPAD Research Kit - The optimal positioning- and immobilisation kit for your studies using MR-Imaging

The variety of topics and questions that are being evaluated using MRI-studies is huge and requires specifically defined research methods. A particular selection of patient profiles and additional research equipment often lead to enormous challenges with regards to the positioning and fixation of patients. The MULTIPAD Research Kit allows to adapt the patient positioning and fixation to the particular research setup and the comfortable but yet stable immobilization leads to high-quality and comparable study results.



Thanks to its dimensions of 17 x 10 cm and variable thickness of 1-4 cm, the MULTIPAD Ear is perfect for immobilizing the patient’s head during MRI scans with a broad range of space constraints.


Thanks to its dimensions of 24 x 10 cm and variable thickness of 1-4 cm, the MULTIPAD Bendy is perfectly suited for the immobilization of the head- and neck region.


Thanks to its dimensions of 17 x 9 cm and the variable thickness of 1 to 3 cm, the MULTIPAD Slim is particularly suitable for situations where space is limited.


The covers for the MULTIPAD product family form an integral component for a hygienic and patient friendly application.

Handpump with Gauge

Thanks to the gauge Pads can be filled objectively and reproductively. This leads to an increase of the fixation's quality.

Connectors Tubes Hose clamps

Close the hose clamp to control and fill the air chambers seperately.
Use connectors to extend the tubes length or to combine different MULTIPADs.


Fewer Motion Artifacts

Almost full suppression of dominant movement in the three planes.

User-friendly System Solution

Enables efficient, clear and straight forward handling, therefore reducing the large variety of different placement products.

Perfectly Hygienic

It is easy to clean, provides reliable protection and therefore fosters the safety and well being of the patient.

High Level of Patient Comfort

The pressurefree, adaptive immobilization increases patient comfort and therefore has a positive effect on the entire examination procedure.

  • Compatible with all common research-coils (32/64ch).
  • Compatible with tools for functional imaging often used in research, like specialized audiosystems or fMRI-Equipment.

Usage examples

Head immobilization during vestibular fMRI

Prof. Peter zu Eulenburg at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, studied the impact of two different positioning aids on the potential to minimize motion artifacts during fMRI examinations. For this the Pearltec positioning system was compared with conventional foam cushioning to immobilize the head during fMRI with galvanic vestibular stimulation.

It was found that immobilitzation using the Pearltec positioning system resulted in significantly better image quality and improved signal exploitation.

The dominant movement could be almost fully suppressed in the three planes, which led to a better resolution in the measurement of brain activity. In particular, artifacts induced by movement responses to artificial stimulation could be suppressed, which significantly improved the fMRI signal.