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PearlFit – For comfortable, stable and hygienic patient positioning

Today, patient positioning aids in the field of radiology need to meet constantly growing demands in terms of hygiene and durability. On the one hand the spread of MRSA and other germs lead to more comprehensive hygiene requirements and especially positioning aids need to be examined for cracks and tears very carefully on a regular basis. On the other hand, given the high cost pressure in health care, positioning aids should get cheaper and should be more durable at the same time.


PearlFit positioning aids are available in various sizes and shapes and can be used for stable but yet comfortable
patient positioning. They can be used inside and outside the field of view during all radiological procedures.

PearlFit Cushion

The PearlFit Cushions are available in various sizes and can be used for the following applications
amongst others:
• Comfortable support of the patient on the contra-lateral side during shoulder-MRIs
• Stable positioning of arms, legs and heels without pressure-points despite long examinations
(e.g. Angiography).

PearlFit Wedge

The PearlFit Wedge helps to create a specific angle for certain body parts.

PearlFit Roll

The PearlFit Roll is primarily used in the hollow of the knee when patient is laying in supine position.

PearlFit Flex

The PearlFit Flex products can be used as either cushion, wedge or roll making them universally

PearlFit Head

The PearlFit Head/Neck is used to support a patient's head when laying in supine position.

PearlFit Forehead

The PearlFit Forehead is used to support a patient's head when laying in prone position.

PearlFit Inlay

PearlFit Inlays are form-fitted to a broad range of coils, cradles and holders.

Customized solutions

PearlFit products can be customized to your indivdual needs.


Stable positioning without pressure points

Gentle adaptation to patients' anatomy.

Excellent Hygiene

Durable surface allows easy cleaning without residue using 70% alcohol.

High Durability

High-quality manufacture using tear-resistant materials.

Versatile fields of application

Can be used for radiological examinations inside and outside of field of view.

Fields of application

PearlFit Head Stable and comfortable support of patient's head in supine position.
PearlFit Roll Used in hollow of the knee for the relief of back musculature in supine position.
PearlFit Forehead Stable and comfortable support of patient's head in prone position.
PearlFit Wedge Stable, comfortable and iso-centric positioning of anatomy during examination.
PearlFit Flex Universally applicable during a broad range of imaging procedures.


At our facility, positioning aids are being used for various applications and unfortunately our staff as well as our patients seem to challenge quality and durability under extreme circumstances. The PearlFit positioning aids cope with these stress tests extremely well, seem to be indestructible and are super-simple to clean and disinfect..

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